E-Pul Complex safety

The safety of E-Pul’s electronic payment system and electronic payments is ensured by latest program & hardware solutions of data encoding alongside with a high standard-platform as well as two-sided safety canals. E-Puls’ safety demands standard are primarily focused on securing failure-free operation of informational infrastructure on every level. Impenetrable lodgments are equipped with properly adjusted internetworking hardware and servers, used in safely elaborated applications and databases. The protection’s urgency is provided with ceaseless monitoring and regular audit. The well-trained staff administrates any information system in accordance with determined procedures. E-Pul undertakes every possible measure for exposure and prevention of fraudulent actions, in order to protect the clients’ money and personal data. In an effort of increasing the awareness on existing threats, we’ve prepared a section , where we tried to provide the key safety measures as well as recommendations on security management.

E-Pul’s payer’s verification

Bank carts’ payment systems ensure the made payments’ protection. VISA cart payments are helped to be secured by Verified by Visa service, while MasterCard owners are guaranteed security by MasterCard Secure Code service. But in order to leave out any fraud possibility, additionally E-Pul uses a 3D-Secure technology to process the payment. Every time You’ll make payment through the Internet with Your bank cart, the system will demand a special password valid for one occasion only that You are going to receive in the form of SMS message on the number You’ve wished to denote. After You confirm your identity in the way shown above, the transaction process will be treated in customary regime. Using the 3D-Secure technology with a non-permanent password system is considered safer, in comparison to a constant one, once given when one logs in, as a constant one is more vulnerable to be exposed to fraudsters.

E-Pul Data transfer

When transmitting confidential data from a client to E-Pul system’s server, the payment system’s safety is ensured by SSL EV (Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. In EV SSL’s SSL certificate a new algorithm of controlling security marks is introduced. This certificate guarantees utmost data security to both state objects and corporations, banks, different joint-stock companies. Green address bar that appears when entering any site that uses a SSL protocol, is a sort of, guarantee of safety, at the same time signalizing the presence of an impenetrable canal between the internet user and the commercial ground. It also indicates that the site has top level of confidential data encoding, and a day-to-day test for the presence of harmful programs. Highly reliable SSL certificates are used whenever an effective authentication validation, conspicuous trust indicator and a steady encoding application is required.

E-Pul safety filters

Alongside with the foregoing technical facilities of electronic payments’ and the payment system’s security, E-Pul installs a whole new complex of filters, that allow to gain an effective control over the transactions, as well as block any menaces from fraudulent operations. The case in point is adjustable control filters as a certain program hardware complex, major task of which is exposure of analogous malevolent algorithms, blockage and further verification. Any hacking attempt requires presence of certain actions from the user. The aim of the self-training program & hardware complex is to detect any menacing actions of a “client”, and, by that, decrease his/her opportunities of using E-Pul, at the same time withdrawing an actual user into the “green”, protected zone. It is also estimated that any threat’s presence to the transactions is sure to come out, and the assumed fraud act scenario recalled completely, given “smart” system that is managed by a certificated staff.