About service

Bonuses - are additional function that activates right after registration on the E-Pul site, attached to the owner’s purse. The authorities have elaborated some special programs for E-Pul owners’ additional motivation. Each transaction shall rack up the total volume of bonuses. The accumulated bonuses can be converted into real means, and by that, get some special rebates and gifts.

Debts – is a section of E-Pul’s private office, where a purse owner can create lists of payment recipients, of which a user is in arrears on. The presence of such kinds of indebtedness can create some additional problems or inconveniences to users, in case the accounts are not included in automatic encashment category. Through one or several service providers, there could be a sudden service cessation, or abeyance considering nonpayment. The user is informed about presence of his arrears over a certain service, thus has a chance to regulate remuneration time, when indexation of pay point in the section “Debts” takes place. Moreover, such an instrument is also convenient because it provides a possibility to purse owner transfer his/her accounts from the category “Debts” into “Automatic payment” or “Frequent payments”.

Automatic payment - is a very convenient service that allows an E-Pul service user carry out automatic means writing off, into the count of systematic payments quittance, without immediate presence or any action from E-Pul purse owner. Generally, these are subscriber remuneration, cable TV & internet provider services, recurring public utilities, payment of telephone accounts. An E-Pul user has an opportunity to choose not only the payments’ periodicity, (monthly, weekly, daily), but also time of the payment takes place. In case an E-Pul user wishes to cease the payments’ periodicity, the private office offers the opportunity of automatic payment abeyance under a certain service alongside with a possibility of further restoration, nevertheless it could be deleted from the list of automatic payments.

Cart’s registration - registration in E-Pul’s user’s private office offers a purse owner some additional opportunities and conveniences. To begin with, it is a pared-down payment system that does not require a constant, wearisome data lead-in from Your cart. The only thing one needs to do is to authorize in E-Pul and click on the bank cart symbol, from which You are planning to pay for a good or service. At the same time confidentiality and safety of such a transaction is fairly higher than that of the practice of total data lead-in from the cart. Alongside with the fact that the payment process is much of a comfort, at the time of registration of the cart in private office, there is also an opportunity to pay for goods and services provided, even if the personal counting lacks monetary funds currently.

History of payments - is a category of an E-Pul user’s private office and contains information about every completed payment, through the whole period after the registration. In case a simple query on information receipt about a specific payment didn’t end up with any results, for E-Pul purse owners, there is a comfortable interface with a chance of various filters application to help. An E-Pul user can seek a required payment by date of payment accomplishment, by name of a company, or by amount of money. Information available right after conversion for desired payment can hold the following data:
• Maturity date for the prior periods;
• Service for which the payment was made;
• Sum;
• The cart that the transaction was carried out from;
• The organization’s name or people in question that received payment;