Payment for utilities online in Baku | EPUL

Payment of utilities: simple and fast!

Paying utility bills on the Internet is a real godsend! A great offer of our modern time to send funds online. Forget about standing in queues. It is obsolete. Nowadays, the process of paying for your utility bills will be easy and enjoyable. It will take you a little time and you will do it with a minimum expenditure of effort. Saving templates and the ability to pay for utilities in a couple of clicks. The easiest way of paying for utilities is always available on your smartphone.

E-PUL is an electronic payment system. Convenience is our middle name. You only need to register on the platform. After that, the payment service provides all types of housing payments at once. No queues, no problems! Spend time doing more enjoyable activities than paying for your utility bills!

How does the system work?

  • The registration will take a few minutes.
  • Add the desired bank card or opening a virtual card. If you prefer a virtual card, open it in a few clicks. Topping up is possible through the use of electronic wallets.
  • Make different types of payments through the Internet or application. It is enough to enter the required service and fill in the details. Templates are saved for your convenience.
  • Save your time and effort! Pay anywhere!

E-PUL advantages

  • Utility payment in Baku in one application. Add funds in the payment service at any time of the day quickly and easily.
  • Ability to use a virtual card. Instead of the main bank card, open a virtual one. It can only be used for utility bills.
  • The reliability of the service in Baku and Azerbaijan is confirmed by certificates. The system is absolutely safe. The terms of cooperation are transparent and understandable for everyone.
  • Saving time, effort, money. Payment for electricity, gas, water, etc. It is always at hand!
  • The application works on all smartphones. Android and iOS fans can use it.
  • Bonuses are available for customers. You can find out more about special benefits on the website.
  • The interface is intuitive. Do you have any questions? Take advantage of the recommendations and tips.

Paying for utility bills has become a simple and enjoyable process. It makes no difference - to pay in the app or via the browser! Save time and effort, forget about waiting in long queues. Control payments from your smartphone or other gadgets.